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Happy National Dental Hygiene Month!

What better way to celebrate National Dental Hygiene Month than to share a few tips from the women in the dental office trenches, our dental hygienists Jamie and Nancy. They work each and every day to help ensure you've got the whitest, cleanest smile that you can flash day in and day out. And while the advice you tend to hear from them is the gold old "brush twice a day, floss more often" variety. There are a few interesting bits in this list you may not have heard before, let's check them out...[Read More]

 Root Canals: What Exactly Are They? And Why Do I Need One?

The words root canal might possibly be the two most feared words in dentistry by patients. Root canals have had a negative connotation in patient's minds for years, and the way they were done in the past, we aren't surprised at all. In any movie or television show you see, if the words root canal are uttered, there is always a reference to how painful they are, or what a nuisance they are to have done. And any time you talk to someone that has had one done, they never have a positive story to tell about the experience. Read on to see how things are different here at our office...[Read More]


"Regular" Cleaning vs. Deep Cleaning

Our hygienist Jamie describes the differences between a "regular" cleaning and a deep cleaning. She also exposes a secret about most dental offices around the country...[Read More]


What is fluoride?

Watch our hygienist Nancy describe what fluoride actually is, the different types of fluoride that there are, and how fluoride can help you protect your teeth here in the office, and at home.

What's The Deal With Flossing? Do I or Don't I?

So, everyone in dentistry has been in a heated discussion over the past week and a half. The genesis of the discussion was when the Associated Press released an article last week titled, 'Medical Benefits Of Dental Floss Unproven', and everyone lost their minds. Patients ran screaming through the streets as if they had won the lottery, and many dentists curled up in corners of their dental office, sobbing uncontrollably...[Read More]



Soak The Doc Campaign

Whew! Monsoon season in Phoenix is a tough time to keep cool. Here we are mired in triple-digit temperatures, and if that isn't enough, the humidity has finally shown up. To put it nicely, it is miserable outside right now. So much so, in fact, that the dentists here at Legacy Dental Group, Dr. Louis Core and Dr. Julie Brann, have agreed to participate in our 'Soak The Doc' campaign.

The 'Soak The Doc' campaign is something new that we are doing this summer. We knew that our docs were laid back and un, so we asked them to participate, and they took it and ran with it. So what the campaign is, is this...[Read More]

Introducing Dr. Julie Brann

We are so excited to announce the newest member of our dental team, Dr. Julie Brann. Dr. Core has been on an exhaustive search for the past few months to find the exact right person to join our team, and we have finally found her!

Most of you know that our office is open 6 days a week, Monday through Saturday, but what you may not know is that Dr. Core has been working all six days by himself for the past 8 months. None of us know how he has been able to keep up that pace, but he has been nothing short of amazing during this time. Dr. Brann will be taking over on Fridays and Saturdays going forward...[Read More]



  7 Dental Procedures You Didn't Know Medical Insurance Will Pay For

Since a lot of dental offices don't bill anything to medical insurance, most patients don't know that they can use their medical insurance toward their dental treatment. It can get tricky at times because not every procedure can be billed to medical insurance. The following procedures though, can...[Read More]


Summer, Summer, Summertime!

This summer we wanted to prepare ourselves a litter better for children and teachers being off for the summer, so we made sure to open up our hygienists schedules to make room and ensure that we could get everyone in. So, if you haven't called to scheduled the kids for their cleanings yet...[Read More]

Catching Up With Dr. Core

It has been a couple of years since we have checked in with you here on the blog. How have things been going lately?

Oh my gosh, things have been pretty busy these past couple of years, the office is open on Saturdays now, so that has been occupying a lot of my time, but thankfully our new associate Dr. Julie Brann, will be starting soon, so I'll have more time to spend with my family...[Read More]



9 Factors You Didn't Know About Gum Disease

Dentists will never agree on the subject, some studies say that 85% of Americans have gum disease, and some reports say the number is closer to 60 percent. That is a very wide gap, but on the low end, it is still 60% of Americans that have some sort of periodontal disease. There are numerous factors contributing to gum infection like age, genetics, smoking, and gender. But some contributing factors like these may come as a surprise to you...[Read More]


Wedding and Graduation pictures last forever. You can have an amazing smile, and here's how...

The one thing Wedding Season and graduations have in common are pictures...and a ton of them! These photos are a celebration of a time that everyone involved will want to remember forever, and I'm sure that everyone is going to want their smiles as straight and white as they can be. We have many different solutions that can help straighten and whiten smiles just in time for these pictures to be taken. These solutions include...[Read More]


What Is Cone Beam 3D Imaging, And What Is It Used For?

Dr. Core asks himself everyday, "What can I do to make coming to my office a better experience for my patients?" Whether it be something to change in the way we do things here at the office, offering IV Sedation to make the visits easier for our patients, or a new piece of technology, like Cone Beam 3D Imaging, that makes the work he does easier for our patients to handle, he is always looking for some way to make our patients more comfortable. Well, last year...[Read More]


Dental Insurance: Do I Really Need It? Part Two

Last week I went through some of the exclusions and limitations that dental insurance companies employ to pay out less and less every year. This week, I wanted to get into dental insurance alternatives, and why I think that individuals might be better off without any dental insurance at all...[Read More]

Dental Insurance: Do I Really Need It? Part One

I know that there is an ongoing perception that going to the dentist is expensive, but that is precisely what dental insurance companies want us to think. Why else would we buy dental insurance? It isn't required by the government like medical insurance, or care insurance. It really isn't even insurance at all. Let me explain what I mean...[Read More]


What Is A Deep Cleaning? Why Do I Need One? And What Does It Have To Do With My Heart?

First Off, what is a "deep cleaning"? Well to be totally honest, there are a few different types of gum disease, so there are a few different levels of cleanings. The different types of cleanings are...[Read More]


I Am Ready To Replace My Missing Teeth With Dental Implants. What's Next?

Dental implants are the fastest growing dental procedure being done over the last 10 years. Implants are brought up by our patients on a daily basis, and there are some misconceptions out there about implants. We wanted to clear up some misinformation that we have been hearing from our patients about implants...[Read More]



Happy New Year!

We hope all of you have had a spectacular holiday weekend and are getting settled into the New Year. this time of year resolutions are on everyone's mind, and even ours here at the dental office. Our New Year's resolution is to make coming to our office the best experience anyone has ever had at the dentist...[Read More]



Smiles For Life Campaign 2015

We were very lucky this year to work closely with the Smiles For Life Foundation to help raise money for children's charities across the country, while at the same time raising money locally for the Louis and Elizabeth Sands Boys and Girls Club of Glendale...[Read More]




Sedation Dentistry: What You Need To Know

Going to the dentist, for most people, can be an uncomfortable experience. Most people are not comfortable with the whole process of laying back in a chair, a stranger putting their hands in their mouth, getting the third degree about why they don't floss every day. It can all be overwhelming, and we understand that. We try to make our patient's visits as comfortable and gentle as possible on a daily basis...[Read More]



Advances In Implant Dentistry

While osseo-integration is still a big part of the implant process, it is just about the only thing that has stayed the same since the early days of dental implant placement. Technology has come so far since then, which makes placing implants pretty much as simple as placing a small filling on a tooth...[Read More]


What Exactly Is Dental Insurance?

Delta Dental offered their first dental insurance plan in 1972. That plan that they offered had a $1000 yearly maximum available benefit. A thousand dollars bought a lot of dentistry back in 1972. If most of you look through your dental benefit booklets today in 2015, most of you will see that your yearly maximum is $1000...[Read More]


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