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Cosmetic Dentistry



One of the greatest investments that a business person can make is in their smile. A terrific smile makes a lasting positive impression, more powerful than any suit or briefcase. Even if your charisma and manner is impressive to those who know you, a new business prospect will frequently be "turned off" by a smile that is crooked, has missing teeth, or is just plain dingy.

Dentistry has made incredible progress over the last decade. Not only are there more services available to make your mouth one of your most convincing business tools, but these services are more affordable than they were in the 80's.

No matter what smile problems you have, cosmetic dentistry can likely help you attain one of the glamorous mouths like those that you see on tv or in magazines. In all likelihood, those people had the same cosmetic dental procedures that you can have. Procedures like tooth whitening, porcelain veneers, or for the very smile-challenge people out there, full mouth restorations, can produce amazing results.

Many of our patients have had their smiles customized with porcelain veneers. One of our patients, Carol, told us "The veneers have changed the entire look of my smile, and face, for the better. They give me a brighter, cleaner, and more youthful appearance. I couldn't be more pleased."

While it doesn't seem fair, that sort of youthful appearance can mean the difference between making or breaking a deal. A dingy smile gives the impression that you're lazy, and many people associate missing teeth with low intelligence. Some business people seem to equate an unkempt looking smile with sloppy business practices.

In short, cosmetic dentistry can be an incredible boost to your business success.  If you have a smile that's less than dazzling, make the investment in yourself and your career.

Cosmetic dentistry can give you a smile that says, "Success!"


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